Dave Horne and No Traps Golfing Tours

David Horne of No Traps Golfing Tours
David worked for many different tour operators and various transport companies and has had many clients who wanted to come back and use him again. So he set up No traps Golfing Tours in the early part of the 2000s as the facility to welcome back old friends and create new ones.

A former caddy at St Andrews and Kingsbarns, golf tour host and driver David Horne is a person who you would say “knows everyone in town.” David has years of experience including some winters caddying at country clubs in Florida with a view to learning the service levels that Americans are used to.


David Horne on Tour

Personal tours with local knowledge
David understands what you expect from your golf trip. He says “It's all the little things that combine to make for a great vacation.

Any tour company can arrange the golf courses to play and book your accommodation with hotels that give a good deal, but local knowledge can make the difference between a good golfing tour and a great one. So we make it a personal mission to give you an insider’s experience.”